Special Food for Chicken Fighter Gambling Cockfighting

Special Food for Chicken Fighter Gambling Cockfighting

Special Food for Chicken Fighter Gambling Cockfighting – After going through several stages of the filtering process, we are finally able to perfect the articles we have collected with data from reliable sources regarding special food for fighting chickens in cockfighting gambling.

This time we will share with those of you who take care of fighting chickens so that they can provide food that is perfect for your chickens. From small to adulthood so that they have good growth going forward. Here are some suggested food tips.

Special Food For Fighting Chickens

Chicken Ages Bangkok 2 days – 2 weeks

Bangkok Chicken Feed 2 days -2 weeks. Bangkok chicks entering this age can still be said to be still small and still very weak. You should give it a finer feed. Given that chicks are still learning to be able to peck at food and are not yet able to swallow large foods.

Chickens Bangkok Age 2 weeks – 1 month

Bangkok chicks, at the age of approximately 2 weeks, are already skilled at pecking food, and are also active in looking for food. For chickens of this age, chickens should be given foods that contain high protein intake and do not forget that these foods are low in fat, containing 20% ​​protein, 6.0% fiber, 3.0% fat.

Chickens aged 1-3 months Bangkok

Bangkok Chicken Feed 1-3 months apart from you can provide good feed such as 591 or 592 and 593. And at this age Bangkok chicks can be removed or in umbar.

Chickens aged Bangkok 3-6 months

This period is when the chicks are actively looking for food, they can even run around and the fights sometimes take up to hours and are difficult to separate from other chickens. At this age, apart from the chickens already getting good feed, namely using special feed for fighting chickens, they can also get additional supplements such as B complex. The provision of supplements aims to help the growth of feathers and bones of the fighting cocks, it is necessary to add calcium so that bone growth can be maximized.

Chickens Bangkok 6 months old

For Bangkok chicken feed, aged 6 months and over, to be precise, entering at the age of 7 months, you can give it with brown rice because it is very good for muscle and body building, but it must be interspersed with other foods such as voor so that the fur really grows perfectly.